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Welcome to the Marbella Guest House, Goa

This idyllic location is one of North Goa's very much sought after holiday destinations. This elegant Portuguese style guest house was bought in 1985 while still under reconstruction. The work was completed by 1988 to make it the splendid guest house it is today.

This Magnificent Guest House was built with a Portuguese colonial mansion in mind, but taking a few creative liberties, to form a rare blend of poetic architecture. Colonial and Indian antiques mix with comfortable cane furniture to create the perfect luxury for your holiday in Goa. The guest house is situated at the end of a valley, cutting into the headlands, surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the Mandovi river. The area is ideally suited for walks and bird watching. The 16th century portuguese Fort Aguada is a 10 minute stroll up the hill. The nearest beach is also just a 10 minute walk away. Transportation in the form of rented bikes, cars, jeeps, or taxis is ready available, to explore the more distant reaches of Goa's beauty.

Marbella houses 3 very stylish suites and 3 spacious rooms. Both suites and rooms have en-suite, air conditioning, and TV. The team works hard to welcome you to their guest house and are always at your service to ensure your stay at the guest house is memorable. The elegant dining areas are the perfect place for a romantic or social meal. The menu at the Marbella caters for breakfast, lunch and dinner serving a wide variety of western and Indian delicacies and is happy to cater for your personal taste. Fresh seafood and barbecues are available on request; simply place your order in the morning with a member of staff. The restaurant stays open from 8 am till 10 pm, but snacks and drinks are available 24 hours from the night porter.

The Marbella Guest House stays open during the monsoon months, when most other holiday accommodations are closed. Goa attracts many people during high season, but to visit in the monsoon is to experience the true beauty, free from the hustle and bustle the high season brings.

Marbella Guest house is not suitable for children under the age of 12 as we do not have the appropriate facilities.

Rooms Rates from August 2017 to March 2018:

  • All Rooms attached with Beautiful Bathrooms, Air Conditioning and Tata Sky TV
  • Prices include all Taxes
  • For special a la carte breakfast package add Rs.400 per person
Room April May to Sept. October Nov.1 to Dec. 23 Dec. 23 to Jan. 3 Jan.4 to Feb. March
Rajasthani Suite Rs 4000 Rs 3100 Rs 4500 Rs 6500 Rs 11600 Rs 6500 Rs 4500
Moghul Suite Rs 3500 Rs 2750 Rs 4200 Rs 5900 Rs 10800 Rs 5900 Rs 4200
Bougainvillea 1 Rs 2600 Rs 2200 Rs 3300 Rs 4000 Rs 7800 Rs 4000 Rs 3300
Bougainvillea 2 Rs 2600 Rs 2200 Rs 3300 Rs 4000 Rs 7800 Rs 4000 Rs 3300
Garden Room Rs 3000 Rs 2500 Rs 3600 Rs 4800 Rs 8500 Rs 4800 Rs 3600
Penthouse Suite Rs 4500 Rs 3500 Rs 5500 Rs 7500 Rs 13600 Rs 7500 Rs 5500
Extra Person Rs 800 Rs 700 Rs 1000 Rs 1200 Rs 1400 Rs 1200 Rs 1000


"All in all our holiday was superb, and particularly due to the exceptionally high standard of this hotel and its staff, and the Hotel Manager, who keeps a watchful eye out to ensure everything is perfect. We cannot thank them enough for making our holiday a dream, and we have already booked to go back next year" - Tiddy - UK

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